Fitness & Exercise Services

Is exercise the missing part of your wellness journey?

At Thrive Wellness, we have partnered with the acopy-of-kv3mazing team at Great Vibrations Fitness.  They are located in our space and specializes in whole body vibration workouts that are applicable to various physical fitness levels. We offer fitness therapy, sports performance, and in-home personal training programs for all ages and fitness levels. The various whole body vibration training regimens we offer are tailored to suit unique fitness needs that our competent trainers design for individuals.

In addition to the location at Thrive Wellness, they have two other metro locations and membership options which allow access to one or more locations.

What is whole body vibration training?

Learn more on the Great Vibrations Fitness website.

Great Vibrations Programs

Tailored Training Programs

Reach your fitness goals with Great Vibrations in Omaha, Nebraska. Get low-impact, safe, and fun training programs through whole body vibration workouts designed to enable the following:
• Weight Loss
• Improved Flexibility
• Reduced Pain
• Toned Muscles
• Cellulite Loss
• Increased Circulation

Variable Age and Fitness Level Applicability

Acquire revitalizing fitness at any age and level with exercises that take less time and involve minimal joint stress. Gain more strength with 30-minute workouts done two to three times a week. Vibration training features workout regimens suitable for people aged 12 to 80.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve flexibility, reduce pain, get rid of cellulite, tone muscles, or even improve your golf swing, Whole Body Vibration “WBV” will help you reach your fitness goals. Vibration training is low impact, safe and fun –enabling anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to use it. The best part is that WBV delivers the benefits of exercise in less time with less strain on joints!

The wide areas of benefits that our technology provides are from strength gains in only 30 minutes a day, 2-3 times per week, to increased circulation, flexibility, positive benefits on bone density, and minimal stress on the joints.

Imagine performing 15,000 exercise repetitions in only 5 minutes!  That’s 3,000 pushups – 3,000 squats – 3,000 rows – 3,000 abdominal crunches – and 3,000 bicep curls, all in 5 minutes!

• Improved Bone Density to Stem Osteoporosis
• Stronger Collagen to Lose Weight and Cellulite
• Increased Muscle Tension to Reduce Pain
• Improved Blood Circulation to Detoxify the Body

Performance Training

Enjoy the ability to compete at optimum athletic levels with technology being used by 26 NFL teams, the US Olympic team, the Nike Elite Running team, and more. Join our sports performance training sessions to improve your speed, power, explosion, and strength. Take advantage of tailored training programs suitable for all ages and individual sporting preferences.

In-Home Training

Get the personal attention you deserve from your very own personal trainer. Access efficient motivation and consistent exercise right in the comfort of your own homes.