Lipo Light Body Contouring

Target Stubborn Areas with Lipo Light Body Contouring

Lipo-Light body contouring at Spring Ridge ChiropracticThrive Wellness offers the Lipo Light Advanced Body Contouring system. This red light lipolysis treatment targets those stubborn areas with low level laser light. The use of specialized light combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle is a new and natural way to slim and tone–without surgery.

How it works

We use high quality LED red light, which has been proven to increase collagen and elastin to tighten the skin. It has also been proven that certain wavelengths such as 635 nanometer can trigger the body’s own natural ability to breakdown fat — a process called lipolysis. During this process the body can release fatty acids which are then used by the body during exercise.

Before and after a lipo-light treatment at Spring Ridge Chiropractic